The All Rounder Package

One hunter

5 days

$11 000

The All Rounder Package consists of 5 days accommodation and the following species

1 x Kudu 47”- 54”

1 x Impala

1 x Blue Wildebeest

1 x Nyala

1 x Blesbuck

1 x Warthog

1 x Baboon

Zembe Safaris offers the best plains game hunting packages. Our All Rounder package will entice any hunter. Bring your favorite hunting rifle or hunting bow and spend five days hunting 7 trophies. The best caliber for African plains game is a .300 which can be used to hunt a wide variety of species such as impala and kudu. This brilliant plains game trophy hunting safari is affordable and a great idea for a winter getaway. Your PH will guide you when you prepare to take a shot. Perfect shot placement and precise timing is what ensures a successful hunt.

Warthog hunting allows the hunter to get very close to the animal before taking aim. Usually one shot is enough to take a warthog down. Blue wildebeest hunting is extremely exciting.

Often referred to as the “poor man’s buffalo” the blue wildebeest is a very sought-after trophy and has a place in the display room of every proud hunter. Zembe safaris offers the best prices for plains game hunting in South Africa. Smaller animals don’t make any less impressive trophies. If you are a hunter looking for an adventure, you will be up to the challenge of baboon hunting too.The All Rounder package is one of the top hunting safaris available at the best prices.

The All Rounder Package Booking Enquiry

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The All Rounder package was designed for the hunter that is a little indecisive about the trophy choice while on Safari with Zembe Safaris.

This package gives the hunter an all-round choice on species, such as the Kudu playing hide and seek in the thick brush which earned him the nickname of “The ghost of the African Bush” to the ever elusive Nyala disappearing in plain sight, the Blesbuck on the open plains and the Impala in great numbers, the lack of speed skills on the Warthog and Baboon has left many hunter surprised at the agility of both these animals.

This package has the potential to be a great hunting option subjecting the hunter to dense bush, open plains and speed on target options. It also gives the hunter the opportunity to obtain two of the spiral horn collection in one go.


Hunting the species on this package, one would use a rifle no less than .30 caliber shooting any high grade expandable bullet. Shooting distances can vary from 60yrds to 450yrds given the species and we cannot press the issue of the right gun selection harder than on this package.

The hunt will commence with the most illusive of them all – the Kudu.

When hunting Kudu we would be up and going before sunrise heading to the hills where we can sit and glance the slopes and hillsides at sunrise for the bulls coming out to bask in the early morning sun. When a nice bull is spotted we will stalk him until a shot presents itself.  This can take up to a couple of days of stalking and glancing.

The Nyala hunt we will walk and stalk the ravines and thick brush in the mid-morning and afternoons looking to see if we can get close enough to the ever illusive Nyala bull.  This hunt will be in the thick brush and a close shot up to 40yrds can be expected.  So make sure the scope is dialed down completely on this hunt.

Hunting the Blue Wildebeest we will walk and stalk the waterholes looking for signs and tracks of the herd or that loner bull.  During this hunt the chance is very good for us to encounter the Warthog and most of the times it’s a fast decision and an even faster shot.

Hunting the Blesbuck we will use the vehicle to drive and spot the herd.  We will then try and stalk to a hillside or brush line to get within a shooting distance of 300yrds.  This can vary from 150 to 450 yrds depending on the location of the herd and the topography of the land.

While driving and scouting for the Blesbuck we will most likely encounter the herds of Impala and if there is a good size trophy in the herd we will disembarck from the hunting rig and walk and stalk until we are in a good position to take a shot. The shot range can be anything between 100 to 200yrds on this species.

For the Baboon we will constantly be on the lookout for troops moving through the area and again this is one of those hunts where speed and skill needs to be in perfect harmony.

Why choose the All Rounder package?

The All Rounder package is a good budget deal, offering the hunter a variety of choices on trophies and with the experience of fast skillful shooting to thick brush and open plains.

Why Hunt With Us?

all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package
all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package
all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package
all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package
all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package
all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package


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all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package


all rounder hunting package, The All Rounder Package