Springbok Slam Package

One Hunter

5 days

$5 500

Springbok slam package includes following species:

1 x Common Springbok

1 x White Springbok

1 x Black Springbok

1 x Copper Springbok

The Springbok Slam is a package to consider for the hunter that wants to tick springbok collection box.

Even a seasoned hunter enjoys springbok hunting. The Common Springbok is the national animal of South Africa and great fun to hunt.These lean animals have dark ringed horns. The females also have horns, however, their horns are thinner and less curved than those of the males, which are long with definite curves.These make fantastic trophies on any wall.A springbok hunting trip will leave you wanting even more. At Zembe Africa Safaris we offer great springbok hunting prices. This Springbok slam package gives you the chance to hunt one of each specie.

When having to choose which springbok to target, the horns will be the deciding factor. The best trophies have thick bases and grow straight up before forming an outward curve. The horns curl to the inside again with tips pointing towards each other.

You can expect to hunt a trophy springbok in open grasslands. Various tactics can be used to get a trophy springbok on your wall. A good hunting strategy is to lie in wait until the target is close enough for the hunter to take a clear shot. It takes skill to shoot these alert bucks, especially when you don’t have bushes to camouflage in. Aiming for the shoulder is the go -to shot for most hunters. For a springbok trophy hunting trip, you can use a .270 hunting rifle.

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Springbok are part of the antelope family. They can grow up to 90cm high and have a lifespan of up to 10 years. The scientific name for Springbok is Antidorcasmarsupialis. Males reach weights of 48 kg, while the females usually don’t weigh more than 44 kg. Springbok live in the southern parts of Africa, specifically South Africa and bordering countries such as Botswana. They have diagonal brown stripes across both sides of their white faces. Their bodies are a light brown color with dark brown stripes on the side. Springbok have white middles. Springbok are the most active during dusk and dawn. They graze in herds which often consist of one ram together with up to 50 ewes. Stories of the “trekbokke” are often told. Untill the late 1800’s massive herds with 1000’s of springbok migrated through the Karoo. These majestic animals are very well known for their “pronking”. They can jump as high as 2m in the air. During this leap they have curved backs, straight tightened legs and a flag of white hair open on their backs. When hunted, this display of white hair opens up too. It can be seen as a warning signal and sometimes a mean of impressing females. Springbok don’t need water to live. They are herbivores and eat plants with high water content.

The color variants in this species are all considered sub species and can be seen in pure white, pitch black and copper colors.

This is truly a unique collective to have and a great hunting experience.

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African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package


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African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package


African Hunting Safaris Springbok Slam Package