Spiral Slam Package

One hunter

5 Days

$ 13 500

The Spiral Slam Package consists of the following species:

1 x Kudu

1 x Nyala

1 x Eland

1 x Bushbuck

Hunting the Spiral Slam

The Spiral Slam Package is an exciting five-day hunting trip in South Africa on which you will hunt four species of spiral-horned antelope. Kudu hunting is one of the top excursions we offer.

The Spiral Slam Package gives you the opportunity to hunt a terrific trophy kudu. With the right gear and an experienced PH to guide you, this is sure to be the African safari of your dreams. Once in the bushveld, you will hunt on foot. It is important to keep the direction of the wind in mind. The last thing you want is for your target to make a conscious effort to evade you. Slowly we will approach the prey until it is possible for the hunter to take a clear shot. As one of the leading hunting outfitters in South Africa, we can ensure an unforgettable experience when you set out to find a nyala and eland for your show room.The species included in this package, such as the bushbuck, are all remarkable antelope trophies. With us you can expect many pro tips from the PH accompanying you, that will only enhance your experience on this hunting excursion. Zembe African Safaris offers competitive hunting prices on all hunting packages.

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The ammunition required for this hunt must be high quality expandable bullets, any of the well-known brands will do just fine on this hunt. The rifle must be fitted with No less than a 4 – 16 adjustable scope to enable the hunter to take the longer shots required on the Eland and the Kudu.

A typical hunting day would start off at 6am with a fresh cup of coffee. Whilst having coffee the shot placements will be discussed in detail and depending on the weather of the day the decision of what species to go for would be taken.

The Eland (Taurotragus oryx) is the largest of the spiral horn family in South Africa and the mature bull at age of 7yrs can weigh up too 2077lb with an average horn length of 30”. With these statistics it’s no wonder why the Eland is considered the second largest antelope in the world. Both sexes has horns and the Eland bull will have the predominantly larger and heavier horn.

The Eland is mainly a herbivore and its diet consists of grasses and leaves. The Eland prefers habitats with a wide variety of flowering plants such as savannah woodlands and open and montane grasslands.

The average shot distance on the Eland can be anything from 150yrds to 400yrds depending on lay of the land.

The Kudu (Tragelaphus Stresiceros) also known as the Greater Kudu, can weigh up to 500lb as an adult bull at the age of 6yrs. The Kudu have a narrow body with long legs and their coats can range from brown/bluish grey to reddish brown. What makes the Kudu unique is the 4 – 12 vertical white stripes along the torso. The bull tends to be much larger than the cow and only the bull has a set of horns ranging from 48” up to 60”+

The Kudu habitat includes mixed scrubs woodlands and brush, hills and mountains. They will occasionally wonder into the open plain areas. The kudu being a master of disguise has the ability to seamlessly blend in with the surroundings and evade a hunter.

Why Hunt With Us?

African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package
African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package


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African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package


African Hunting Safaris Spiral Slam Package