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Safari with a Purpose

By choosing “Safari with a Purpose” you will participate in a mission outreach.

  • You can attend an open air showing of the “Jesus Film” in a local language
  • Be involved in a follow up and first fruits discipleship teaching
  • Attend an African Church service and interact with local Christians

Zembe Safaris in close working relationship with “Jesus Film” field teams in South Africa can, with enough time to plan in advance, set aside or add a day or two for you to be part of a mission outreach. If you choose to become a partner with “Mission 865” please click here to see the requirements of participation.

The mission outreach experience is not included in the safari price, please enquire about the additional cost.

, Kingdom Business Principle
, Kingdom Business Principle

Mission 865

Mission 865 is a bold step of faith which aims to reach the last 865 language groups of 50,000 speakers or more through a translation of the “Jesus film” into their heart language.

The mission partners with many mission organizations, agencies and churches and is part of a church planting strategy that could change a whole people group from darkness to light.

Zembe African Safaris has the vision to be part of Mission 865 and aims to support it through prayer and financial contributions. Your participation in a “Safari with a purpose” will make you a partner with Zembe Safari’s in sponsoring an 865 language.

You will never be the same again – click to visit the Jesus Film Project website

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Our Achievements

Zembe Safaris has sponsored the translation of the Kutu language based in Tanzania. The translation of the Kutu language will commence in 2015. Due to the calling, our obedience and your support, we were able to sponsor this language over a period of only seven months.

We are very excited about this project and we are already enquiring about another available language!

Praise the Lord.