Hippo Hunting in South Africa

Hippo hunting in South Africa is an extraordinary experience. This dangerous game hunting safari will likely be one of the most memorable hunts you ever undertake.

Here at Zembe African Safaris, we offer competitive hippo hunting prices. You can look forward to a luxurious stay when you go hunting hippos in Africa. In South Africa, hippo hunting is especially popular in the Lowveld region. This is where you will find the most impressive hippo trophy.

Many hunters are surprised at how exciting hunting hippos in Africa is. Staying calm and collected while adrenaline rushes through you, is an otherworldly experience. With a professional hunter from Zembe African Safaris to guide you, your hippo hunting safari will exceed every expectation you could have had before your trip.

Preparing for your trip to go hunting hippos in Africa

Hunters can choose to use either a rifle or bow for the safari. No matter what you decide to equip yourself with, this hunt promises to be thrilling.

You will need a hunting rifle of at least a .375 calibre or preferably bigger if possible. A professional hunter will not allow you to undertake the trip with any less powerful rifle, since this is the minimum legal calibre. As you will be aiming for the triangle between the eyes, a scope is definitely recommended for an accurate first shot. A 2 – 12 x 50 scope will be convenient and can be used for various types of hunting safaris. You can aim between the ear and the eye if a broadside shot is your only option. Solid bullets are used for hunting hippos. A brain shot is the most efficient and much needed to anchor a charging hippo. Success can’t be guaranteed with other shot placements.

Should you choose to go hippo hunting with a bow, you might like to make use of a 95 lb bow and broadhead arrows. We would not advise you to use a bow with kinetic energy (KE) anything smaller than 90 foot/lb. If you have a different bow or arrows that you would like to use, feel free to speak to one the professional hunters on our team, to get their expert opinion.

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When you are hunting a hippo, you will most likely take the shot in the water. The hippo will sink to the bottom of the river. You will have to wait for the trophy to float to the top before you can retrieve it. This can take up to two hours.

Trophy hippos are male and have to be carefully identified. To ensure that you have selected the correct target, there are a few things to look at. Males are generally larger and have longer tusks. These elongated tusks also push up against the upper lip and form bumps next to the nostrils. It is much more noticeable with male hippos than with females.

The word “hippopotamus” refers to the Ancient Greek word for “river horse”. Despite the look of their short legs and rounded bodies, hippos are much faster than you’d expect. It is possible for them to reach a speed of up to 30 km/h when running short distances on land. Never underestimate a hippo. It is the third largest herbivore on earth, with adult males weighing about 1.5 tons. Occasionally incredibly large males weigh close to or even more than 2 tons. On average, they have a lifespan which ranges between 40 to 50 years in the wild.

There is a popular myth which claims that hippopotami sweat blood. The so-called “blood” is in fact a natural sunscreen that protects the hippo’s skin from the sun. When hippos graze during daytime, their glands produce this secretion, not sweat, to hydrate their skin and prevent sunburn. It is often referred to as “blood sweat”. Hippos usually spend their day in the water and graze for hours at a time during the evening. When morning comes, they make their way back to the river or dam.

Hippos are regarded as one of the most dangerous animals which can be encountered in Africa. This is not without good reason. They are known for being aggressive and in water they are extremely territorial. Although hippos do not eat meat, they will attack humans when they feel threatened. A hippo trophy is something that every seasoned hunter wants to showcase.

If you dream of hunting a prized animal included in the Dangerous 7 list, hippo hunting in South Africa is exactly what you must do. Offering the best hippo hunting prices is what makes us a top hunting outfitter. Book you hunting safari with Zembe African Safaris today. We look forward to welcoming you for a true African experience.

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African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa
African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa
African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa
African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa
African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa
African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa


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African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa


African Hunting Safaris Hippo Hunting in South Africa