Plains Game Hunting

The abundance of plains and bushveld game is part of what makes South Africa such an attractive hunting safari destination. Whether you are coming to hunt dangerous game or just small game, the challenges of shooting some of these smaller animals is a lot of fun for everyone.

Zembe Safaris can arrange for any of the following:

Zebra | Impala | Kudu | Blesbuck | Bushbuck | Waterbuck | Eland | Oryx | Springbuck | Giraffe | Wildebeest | Hartebees | Warthogs | and many more…

We suggest that the client bring along a scoped rifle in calibers such as .270, .30, or .7mm for the average smaller bushveld and plains game. For bigger game like Eland and Giraffe, calibers such as .338, .375, and .416 will be suitable.

If you would like to hunt with a Bow, a minimum of 50 foot/lbs is suggested for small game and a 90 foot/lbs bow for the larger animals.

Find out what else to bring on a plains and bushveld game hunting safari.

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